All SIDGS members are eligible for a bag tag, become a member to get yours.

How do they work?
Tags are generally played for in two ways:

One – Throughout the season, there will be SIDGS tag battle events. Keep an eye on social media to find out more. All you have to do is show up, make a note of your number, throw your tag into the pile and score your round on UDISC in the appropriate event. At the end of the battle, cheer on participants as tags are redistributed according to score. If you have a hot round, you will likely improve your tag standing immensely.

Two – You can also play casual tag rounds with other SIDGS members at one of the local courses. Just ask others if they want to ‘play for tags.’ Play your round with others who have tags, and (re)distribute based on the scores of that round! If you get a low number tag, expect to be envied and challenged for it.

Guidelines for Disc Golf Bag Tags
We keep it pretty casual around here so use your best judgement and be respectful.

  • Any player possessing a bag tag in-hand can challenge or be challenged by another player with a bag tag. These challenges can be head-to-head or in group play.
  • Bag tags should be visible on the disc golf bag at all times.
  • The player being challenged has the right to choose the course and must be available to play quickly as is fair and reasonable.
  • If a reasonable date and time can’t be agreed to within a week of the challenge, the challenge is void.
  • If the challenger ends the round with a lower score, bag tags are traded immediately at the conclusion of the round.
  • Casual tag rounds with multiple players should be agreed upon by all involved before the first player on the card tees off.
  • In the case of a tie, the player with the higher number before the round keeps the higher tag. You are welcome to organize sudden death playoff holes if both parties agree.
  • When a tie occurs in a tag event or casual group round, distribution is based on who had the higher number going in to the event.

Remember, tags are for fun and there are no prizes except pride. Happy hucking.