Mission Statement

a) To provide programs for the disc golfing community, for youth and beginning players and the broader community at large, including organizing tournaments and free clinics at community and sporting events. With a special focus on the youth within the community.

b) To educate the public on the globally-recognized sport of Disc Golf, including providing opportunities for people of all ages and socio-economic brackets to play Disc Golf for the first time.

c) To make Disc Golfing opportunities easily accessible to the residents of Southern Vancouver Island, including the availability of several permanent Disc Golf courses on Southern Vancouver Island

d) To be ambassadors and stewards between fellow Disc Golfers, the environment and the broader community.


President – Rob Thomas
Vice President
Treasurer – Pat James
Secretary – Kevin Bruleigh
Members At Large – Brad Proctor, Kathryn Mullis, Chad Kaila, Todd Biderman, Katelin Albert, Bill Wiltse

Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity

SIDGS is a non-profit society focused on disc golf and open to all players. The goal of SIDGS and the larger disc golf community is to create an atmosphere which allows players of all levels to experience and enjoy the game of disc golf and to work with local governments to construct disc golf courses for the benefit of the community. Keeping disc golf a positive experience for everyone is paramount and will serve to sustain our society for many years to come. Our goal each and every season is to make all players feel welcome while promoting equality, fair play, and fun.

Our society open to all members, including Indigenous, Black, people of colour, and folxs in the LGBTQ+ communities. We are queer positive and welcome women (cis and trans), trans people, intersex people and Indigenous two-spirit people. SIDGS understands trans to be an inclusive term which includes trans men, trans women and non-binary folks (including genderqueer and genderfluid people).

The following Code of Conduct serves to remind and educate all SIDGS participants of the principles equity, inclusion, and of the disc golf game.

Code of Conduct

I will conduct myself in a responsible and respectful manner.

I will not engage in any form of abuse or harassment towards players, spectators, or others on the course or in the community.

I will not demonstrate and/or participate in the use of obscene gestures, offensive remarks, sexual harassment, or any other form of unsportsmanlike behaviour.

When welcomed, I will only provide constructive criticism and feedback, to other disc golfers.

I will set a positive example for teammates and spectators, through my words and actions.

I will hold myself, and other disc golfers, accountable for their language and behaviour.

I will encourage equal play for all disc golfers, regardless of skill level.

I will learn and understand the rules of the game.

Land Acknowledgement

As a disc golf community, we are dedicated to increasing our awareness, understanding, and gratitude for the lands we are on. We respectfully acknowledge the Traditional Territory of the Lək̓ʷəŋən speaking peoples, the Songhees, Esquimalt, W̱SÁNEĆ, Sooke, and Malahat peoples whose historical relationships with the land continue to this day. SIDGS recognizes that colonization, attitudes, and institutions, shape and change Indigenous people’s lives and relationship with the land. SIDGS writes this territory acknowledgment as one important part of an ongoing process of reconciliation.