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Guess what?  Winter flex league is back for another year!

This year, the league is called the South Island Winter Flex League or siWFL.  To be eligible to play you will need to be a SIDGS member in 2022.

The format will be much like last year, with a few modifications based on what we learned from last season.  The details are set out below and attached.

We will hold at least 9 events between November 27 and April 29, approximately 2 a month.  It is a flex league, so only up to 60% of your rounds will count, so you can miss a few events and still compete.  You will get points for each event based on how you placed relative to the competition, and up to 60% of your rounds will be totalled up for your league score.  We will also have a finale event playoffs on Saturday, April 30 at Mary’s. Playoff format will be announced once registration and divisions are finalized.

Each event will need to be scored on the Udisc app, in the event created for it, and you generally need to play your one round with someone else in the league some time that day.  At the start of a round, once you declare the round as your league round, it can’t be changed for another round you play that day.

Events will primarily be played at Mary’s, with a few events elsewhere (Metchosin, Layritz, and maybe some pop up locations) or on alternative tee pads.  The events will either be on Saturday or Sunday.

There will be a max limit of 75 people for the League.

As for divisions, we are leaving that up to you to decide what divisions will be used.  Indicate what division you would like to play in on registration.There will need to be a minimum of 6 people per division for the division to be used. People who select a division that does not have enough people will be able to re-select.  Last year, the WFL had 5 divisions:  MPO (Mixed Pro Open), MP40 (Mixed Pro Masters 40+), MA1 (Mixed Amateur Advanced), MA2 (Mixed Amateur Intermediate) and MA3 (Mixed Amateur Recreational).  Here is the link to PDGA’s divisions:

In an effort to continue to grow the sport, for the first 24 hours of registration,15 spots will be reserved for each of Intermediate and Recreational divisions, along with 15 spots for female members. Entries are time stamped after completion of registration form.

The entry cost is $50, broken down as follows:  $40 for payouts; $5 for other prizes/fees (ctp, random draw), $5 for the ace pot. A $20 2022 SIDGS membership will also be required.  2022 SIDGS Memberships must be purchased by the end of 2021.  Go to to make payment. We will send out notice once the website is ready to process payments. Until then register to hold your place.

As for payouts, half will be for the league standings, half will be for the finale.

As for tee times, you are responsible for acquiring them at Mary’s as usual.  At Metchosin, we will get a block of tee times for you to register for.

We will, where possible, try to avoid dates that conflict with the island series or tournaments typically played by SIDGS members (but some conflicts may still occur).

As for registration, please go to the following link and complete the form to register. Once we hit the 75 player limit this registration page will be closed. For now, Registration is now active.

Standings and Results will be updated soon after each scheduled event and tentative dates will be posted on the spread sheet as well. Locations to be announced.  A google sheet is available for viewing at any time, please bookmark…

The first two siWFL dates will be November 27th and December 18th both at Marys Farm.

We’re looking forward to another great siWFL season!


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