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Discgolfers find a new turf in Metchosin

By Don Descoteau
February 25, 2016

Casual visitors to Metchosin Golf Club might wonder what those strange-looking contraptions are placed at various spots along the fairways, or do a double take seeing people throw what appear to be frisbees around the course.

Featuring a circular array of heavy chains above a wider circular basket, the devices are part of a new development at the course designed to attract a new group of enthusiasts: disc golf players.

“It blew me away how popular it is,” said club general manager Shannon McClymont, who recently welcomed the South Island Disc Golf Society’s members to their new home.

Early this year the society came to an agreement with Metchosin Golf Club and its membership on a scenario that would see an 18-hole disc golf course set up, with the baskets – the ‘holes’ for disc golf – placed on the edges of the fairways.

While some members were a bit reluctant, McClymont said, the majority were willing to give it a try. “We said to the members, ‘don’t jump to any conclusions before you try it out,’” she said.

The disc golfers, many of whom are also traditional golfers, are thrilled with the opportunity to re-establish their sport in an area with solid support.

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Monday Magazine:

West Coast Wild: Frolfing fun

By Natalie North
July 24, 2014

If Kanye West had taken up disc golf sometime over the last decade, not only would we have very little to talk about during award show wrap-ups, but we might never have muttered the “word” Yeezus at all. Looking to be taken down a peg? No easier way to stay humble has ever existed than to chuck a piece of plastic hundreds of metres through an arboreal obstacle course at a barely visible target. The recipe calls for one part humiliation to three parts fun, not unlike my time as an adult on a Razr scooter.

I meet with Dan MacDonald, board member of the South Island Disc Golf Society, for a round on a bright Saturday morning. He greets me with a bag of discs slung over one shoulder, his teenaged daughter Hailey (sporting similar accoutrements) and her friend Kari McLeod. With me is my best bud from childhood, Justine Simons, someone who, like me, tried out the Salt Spring Island disc golf course at Mouat Park in high school when we were buoyed by the trappings of our youth (read: blind confidence and inebriants). I’m about to have my ass handed to me by not only everyone in the group who tosses a disc with intention, but all those who pass by us this morning, children and dogs included.

This is where I pause and mention that we’ve met at a private location in the Highlands, because despite its popularity, the group hasn’t been able to find enough support to build a proper course on park land. This summer SIDGS is making strides to legitimize their sport with a fundraiser tournament tentatively set for Aug. 31 at Prospect Lake golf course. Until then, the locale is officially under wraps, but as I hear from Dan: “If you want to throw discs, you’ll find somewhere to throw them. If you’re passionate, you’ll find a way.” Read more here



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