Baskets in the Ground!!

SIDGS is proud to announce three baskets are now in the ground and ready for play at Cedar Hill Middle School! We were more than happy to help out the PAC at Cedar Hill Middle School with their vision of disc golf for the kids. These will see a ton of use during lunch time and PE. The Baskets will also remain in the ground in the evenings and for the summer as an incredible community resource. Together all three make a fun little three hole loop for the kids. With some imagination and the large fields surrounding them, they might just make the best practice spot in town. Have fun out there and remember these baskets are on school property, so treat them and the school grounds with the upmost respect. Once schools back in session, these will be an evening only resource, lets do all we can to keep growing the sport in Victoria!

2019 Spring Chicken Tournament Report

The 2019 Spring Chicken Disc Golf Tournament at Metchosin DGC was a massive success! SIDGS is proud to report it was our best tournament yet, with 78 entrants! It was also the largest turn out of an Island Series Tournament thus far. The day was incredible, with beautiful sunny conditions, the wind was breezy, but remained contestable for both rounds. The course was setup for high level action and it delivered. Not overly punitive, but just enough that poor throws were punished and great ones rewarded. Competition was tight in each division and many smiles were shared by all competitors. The Masters division was very tight this year but Hugues Lambert, the Uggg Monster himself, managed to take down 1st place with a 3 stroke lead over John Kiefer. The Novice division saw a massive turn out with Elvis O finishing in 1st place with a 3 stroke lead over Jeremy White. Intermediate had one of the most exciting finishes of the day, with a playoff between Will Henderson and Max Bazin. The playoff began on the nightmare peninsula hole, number 18, with both players managed to throw their drives in bounds and carded 3’s to push. On the next hole, course hole 1, Will managed to park his drive, flipping the pressure onto Max who had a 25 foot tester to push to another hole. His putt caught chains strong side, but was just a touch to wide to stick. The crowd let out a large AWE! and Will Henderson emerged victorious. The intermediate womans field had 2 entries this year, Rylee Harlos and Claire Chamernor. There was a grudge match on the course and although Claire managed to shave 10 strokes off her second round, it wasn’t enough to catch Rylee! The Advanced Field played like they had something prove, with the red hot Ben Corno winning another Island Series event. Kevin Gosselin finished 4 strokes back in 2nd, and Chris W another 4 strokes back in 3rd. After the first round the Open Field was tightly bunched, with the tournament still hanging in the balance and Geoff Maciver holding onto a 1 stroke lead over last years champ David Simmonds. In the second round David came out firing and shot a tournament best 6 under par round, leading him to a commanding 5 stroke victory over the field to become the repeat Spring Chicken Champion. Congrats to all the participants, thank-you so much for coming and making this tournament so successful. Thanks to all the tournaments sponsors, without your support this event would not be possible!! Thanks to:

  • Metchosin Golf and Country Club
  • Gratified Construction and Tile – Call Kevin at 250-686-4032 for a free estimate
  • Driftwood Brewery
  • Clarke Engineering
  • HTO Surf – Skate – Spear (and disc!)
  • Sports Rent – Huge disc selection!
  • Kim Mclachlan Realtor: 250-514-1663 or
  • Saltspring Island Disc Golf
  • Hecklers Bar and Grill
  • Victoria Car Wash
  • The Wine Maker –
  • Vancouver Island Ultimate Players Society
  • Clayton Beddington
  • Sauvair – UAV Aerial Imagery

Thanks again from SIDGS, we had a blast and can’t wait to do it again next year!

The consummate Open Division Champion!
In true spirit of the day, The Spring Chicken!!

SIDGS Presents The 5th Annual Spring Chicken Disc Golf Tournament

The South Island Disc Golf Society proudly presents The 5th Annual Spring Chicken Disc Golf Tournament at the beautiful Metchosin Golf and Country Club Disc Golf Course. On Saturday March 9th, 2019. An event of the Island Winter Series. Metchosin Golf and Country Club and SIDGS are the lead sponsors of the tournament this year, meaning 100% of entry fees go into pays outs and prizes. Additionally, SIGDS is putting up an additional $100 cash for the winner of the Open field and an additional $50 cash for the winner of Advanced to really make things interesting. There’s also a ton of door prizes for all entrants of the event, which will be drawn during the award ceremony in the club house. DAY OF REGISTRATION. We are following the payout structure of the Island Series:
– $30 Entry Fee
– $23 to the prize pool
– $2 to Ace Pot, $2 to CTPs
– $2 to Overall Series Prizes, $1 Series Costs
Divisions available for play for Men and Women include:
Open – Advanced – Intermediate – Novice
Masters (40+) – Junior (12-)
There will be two rounds of 18 holes at Metchosin DGC, with a 45 minute lunch break, food will be available for purchase in the clubhouse, as well as beer!
8:30 – 9:30 am – Registration
9:45 am – Players Meeting
10:00 am – Shotgun Start

Don’t miss out! on whats sure to be our biggest and best tournament yet!!

Join the event at

Huge thanks to our sponsors!!! Are you interested in Sponsoring the Event? Send us an email to get involved!

The 2nd Annual Bag Tag Challenge Report

Huge thanks if you came out for the 2nd Annual Bag Tag challenge today at Layritz DGC. We had a great turn out and much fun was had. The extended layout played really well and we plan to keep many of the long placements as full time advanced tee’s. Huge congrats to David Simmonds who took down the golden #1 tag with a solid -10 through 18 holes. If you weren’t around to get your bag tag today, fear not you’ll get it! If you’re not a current SIDGS member join up and get a tag! Playing for tags is a great way learn to play with added pressure, plus who doesn’t like some friendly competition between friends. We’ll be hosting a tag wrap up tourney at the end of 2019 and ringing in new tags for 2020. See you on the course!

SIDGS Questionnaire for Municipal Candidates

The following 3 questions regarding disc golf were sent to 130 Greater Victoria candidates in the upcoming municipal elections. Several candidates took the time to reply.

Please see the candidates responses below the questions:


Responses by Municipality:


Victoria                      9

Saanich                       11

Esquimalt                   3

Oak Bay

Central Saanich         2

North Saanich


View Royal




Metchosin                   1

Sooke                          1


Total                           27 responses from 130 requests




1) If elected, will you support the development of a disc golf course in a CRD park? Why or why not?


2) If elected, will you support the development of a disc golf course in your municipality? Why or why not?


3) Additional voluntary comments




The Layritz Disc Golf is open and is a pilot project between Saanich Parks and Rec and South Island Disc Golf Society… 9 holes… free.


1) I’d certainly support CRD staff and committee investigating what opportunities may be available in Crd parks.


2) I’m very pleased that Saanich and SIDG have embarked on a pilot project at Layritz Park. A pilot project gives both parties the opportunity to determine if there is value in make a permanent course. Thinking positively I’d hope for an on-going disc golf course at that park or other Saanich Park.


3) I’m a big supporter of recreation and sport and am past Chair Pacific Sport and previous Chair Saanich Parks and Rec. Activities such as disc golf are ideal for wide range of ages and abilities in a venue that doesn’t require expensive infrastructure.


Susan Brice

Candidate for re- election to Saanich Council



When I saw the email notification I was hoping you were going to invite the candidates to play.

We have no money. That said, we have influence, expertise, space and equipment. Any plan taking this into account will have serious consideration.

David Arthur Johnston
Candidate for Mayor of Victoria


1) In general, no, but I’d certainly be willing to look at specific proposals. CRD Parks are too important for protecting ecosystems and species to be developed for any sport.


2) It would very much depend on things like where the proposal is for. I’m not opposed to disc golf, but I’d certainly be opposed to it in some areas.

Andy McKinnon – Metchosin



Hi –


Thanks for reaching out.


Is SIDGS looking to construct a course or is the ask for public funds to be used to purchase/designate land, install the course equipment, then maintain the course?


1)Yes, in principle. Granting exclusive use of large tracts of public land to a single activity is not likely, however. If SIDGS is looking to purchase land to use, no problem.  If the goal is public funding of the full project, to be built on a city park, funds would likely not be available. The existing course in Metchosin is about as good as it may get, given the demand for land in the CRD.


2) Yes, in principle. In practice, the same concerns as above apply. Informal play in public spaces which respects other users of the park is always an option for disc golf as with other activities.


Joshua Steeper

for Central Saanich Council




Hi – I have never played disc golf but have seen others enjoy the game. I would very much be interested in a further conversation in how I could support this initiative.



Rishi Sharma – Saanich Council




1) I would support the creation of a new disc golf course. I fondly remember the many hours I spent traversing the disc golf course at Juan De Juca. This was a very inexpensive way for my friends and I to spend an afternoon.


2) I also would support a new disc golf course in Saanich, we have numerous parks that could potentially work for both disc golfers and the public at large.


Benjamin Allan – Saanich




“Don’t sit back and let things happen to you. Go out and happen to things.”


1) I would support the investigation of a Disc Golf site within CRD parks. There is much greater opportunity to find a good fit. Has this been brought as an idea to the CRD arks committee for consideration before?

2) Esquimalt did have a temporary disc golf at Gorge Park and were challenged by the multiple  uses of the park with occasional negative interaction. We do not have a park of the size or ability of specific designation unfortunately.


Barb Desjardins – Esquimalt




1)Yes. Because disc golf is a great sport! There are options for establishing one or more disc golf courses in CRD Parks, while protecting the ecological integrity of the park system and ensuring safety for other park users.


2) Yes. Because disc golf is a great sport! Members of the public who play disc golf (or who may play the sport in the future) should have access to a disc golf course close to home, without the need to drive a considerable distance.


3) Thank you for advocating to make municipal and regional parks inclusive for people who enjoy disc golf!


Ben Isitt

Candidate for Victoria City Council and CRD Board




Thank you for writing and posing these questions.

Please confirm receipt of this email with my responses.


1) Yes I would.  I believe recreation with CRD Parks should be encouraged and the impact of Disc Golf is very low on the environment and would see more residents enjoying a CRD Park.


2) Yes, I would welcome Saanich adding a disk golf course in its borders.  I believe healthy communities include all types of exercise and recreation and this low-impact sport deserves support.


3) Thank you for this questionnaire and for reminding me of the importance of disc golf in our region.  I have played disc golf a few times and I personally love it (even if I’m not particularly good at it, YET!)


PLEASE re-elect Colin Plant in Saanich this October 20th and I will work to support the two initiatives above. –Colin







Good morning,


Frisbee related sports, both Disc Golf and Ultimate, are terrific healthy sports.  Sports that can be played at differing levels of expertise and involve any/all of varying ages.


I have been a spectator at my daughter’s “frisbee-related” events at various levels over the past several years and understand and appreciate these sports.


I would support the further development of this sport.  I cannot commit to the specific questions asked in your survey without a specific proposal as it would be inappropriate to do so without having full information for any proposal.  However, in principle, great ideas which need real consideration.


Marg Gardiner,

Candidate for Victoria City Council






Thanks for putting these questions together and offering me a chance to answer them.


1) Yes I will. I have played Disc Golf for years, that was some time ago now, we had several unofficial courses around Victoria and many people were playing. I fully support the creation of Disc Golf Course in the CRD.


2) Yes I will support the creation of an official disc golf course in Victoria. I believe Disc Golf is a awesome part of our culture and understand the need for the City to expand out door recreation and facilitate community directives.


Steve Filipovic

Candidate for Councillor of Victoria




1) I love disc golf!  If the right location is found in the CRD, I would definitely support!


2) The City does not even have enough space for a small regular golf course, however, if there is a location found and strong support by the neighbourhood, I could definitely support.


Charlayne Thornton Joe – Victoria



Hi there,


Thank you for getting in touch with me. I appreciate the work you do to represent this significant community in Greater Victoria. I think it’s unfortunate that your group is not recognize as much as it should be.


1) I want Saanich to be a place where people can live, work and play, and under the right conditions would always support great recreational facilities like disc golf. I’m proud that Saanich just opened its first disc golf course and I’d certainly be supportive of others opening up around the CRD if they are done properly. With that, I’d want to make sure facilities can serve the purpose of those that would use them — both avid disc golfers, and those new to the sport. The facility should prove to be fun with varying degrees of challenge, and to that effect, would want to ensure we place these facilities in places where Saanich residents can truly enjoy them.


2) I hope you can understand that I can’t say that I’d automatically support the development of any kind of disc golf course without understanding the details of the specific development proposal. It’s important that Council looks at each proposal at a case-by-case basis. With that said, I am extremely enthusiastic about creating new facilities for disc golf and other recreational activities. I think it’s crucial that we provide these kind of amenities in order to encourage physical activity and community building.


3) I appreciate the work that you do. I understand the importnce and significance of your group in Saanich and the CRD and can assure you that I would be an advocate for you on council. If there’s anything else you’d like me to elaborate on, please let me know.


All the best,


Ned Taylor

Candidate for Saanich Council & CRD




Hello and thank you for your questions.


I think all these are about what our community needs. While I can appreciate your desire to advocate for your sport I am really about what our community wants, so if there is a want from our community in Central Saanich then I am for looking to find a way to accommodate this.


I have played disc golf on the Pender Island course and It was fun and agree it is accessible for almost all ages and abilities.


I hope this answers your questions.


Gord Newton – Central Saanich






Great to hear from you. Here is my response to your survey.



1)Yes. I am a fan of disc golf and I support creating more recreational opportunities in our Region including the development of a disc golf course in a CRD park.


2) I would have loved to have included a disc golf course in the newly updated Topaz Park plan. I support exploring other opportunities for the development of a disc golf course in a City of Victoria park.


3) Thank you for your advocacy. Please see my website at for more information about my campaign.


All the best,


Jeremy Loveday

Candidate for Victoria City Council & CRD Board 






1) Yes I used to live by the disc course on Pender and think it would be a reasonable use within a CRD park in a prescribed area. Consultation with all who need to be included.


2) Yes it might even be a way to protect even more parkland.  It would/could be another Saanich attraction. It would be good it was close to a university.


3) Anything that gets people into the bush is good. Of course, in the right location. No/ or minimal damage


Thanks so much.


In the Spirit of Saanich,

Nathalie Chambers




Hello –

Please find my responses to your survey at the bottom of this email as requested.

Thank you,


1) First, I would ask for a staff report from CRD Parks to know what the financial and environmental impacts might be in specific parks and if one CRD park is preferable over another and why. Perhaps there would be parking requirements or hazardous areas that would preclude public access. So the question is premature. I would suggest sending a letter requesting usage of a CRD park to staff and to all CRD Board members post election. I doubt that I would be a member of the Board as the Township of Esquimalt has only one representative, usually the Mayor.


2) Not at this time for the same reasons as mentioned above. The question is premature without hearing from Parks staff.


3) No further comments at this time



Lynda Hundleby

Councillor Candidate,

Township of Esquimalt.





I would be open to the discussion.


Chris Munkasci – Esquimalt



Hi there:

My answers are within the [    ]

  • [Yes]


  • [Yes, I have played disc golf myself]

Michael Geoghegan – Victoria



Good evening:


Please find my answers attached.


Thanks kindly



1) Yes, I support recreational opportunities for all ages.  The benefits are vast, healthy environment, meeting new and old friends, relatively inexpensive sport and a positive for the community.

2) Yes, of course, for all the reasons listed above.


Brenda Parkinson – Sooke




1) YES. (oh gosh, this seems like such an “easy win” survey to complete)

… why? because I want to play now (played ultimate for years, and never been very good at “ball golf”)… the question would be (And for below) : could Disc Golf be played at existing golf course by simply converting a few features, temporarily?!


2) YES (again, I’m totally pandering here)…. the question would need to be “where, how much space, what cost, what impact to residents (if any!?)”

… the next question: what business model and biz case (project plan) to see it through?


3) I feel like my idea of “a #SmartSaanich #OpenData based APP” would allow, e.g. a group like yours to crowdsource a day at Cedar Hill course, where for that day, the course is converted to Disc Golf.

(also, what about Royal Oak, right?)


~Trevor Barry – Saanich




Thank you for your questions.


1) I definitely look forward to supporting and working with your group to establish a disc golf course in a CRD Park. I have played disc golf myself and enjoyed it very much. I  like that it appeals to all ages and is an affordable physical activity that the whole family can enjoy.


2) I also support looking into the development of a Disc Golf Course in Saanich. I’m curious to know why the Prospect Lake DG course closed?


3) Your group should be applauded for the effort you have put into raising the awareness of this sport and advocating on behalf of this family friendly and affordable activity. I will do what I can to continue your efforts so that more people can enjoy this sport.




Shawn Newby – Saanich




Thank you for sending me your survey, please find my responses below.


1) Yes! Disc golf is affordable, intergenerational, and compatible with greenspace and nature conservation priorities. Imagine the potential of a combined food forest and disc golf course! I think it’s an ideal sport to encourage in the CRD.


2) I am very open to this idea, especially if a suitable location is suggested by the community. I was very excited to hear about the opening of the course at Layritz Park. The former Royal Oak Golf Course comes to mind as a possibility, as we begin to explore uses for area.



3) I also support pop up course projects in parks (with the appropriate space) to help introduce folks to the sport.




Dr. Teale Phelps Bondaroff

Candidate for Saanich Council, 2018





Dear SIDGS Board,


I am responding on behalf of all three Together Victoria Candidates. Please let me know

if you have further questions.



1) Absolutely. We would need to find the right park and work to ensure that all users of the park are respected, but it is high time for a full 18 hole disc golf course in the CRD. Until last week, there was no fully-sanctioned free public course anywhere in the CRD – and the newest one in Saanich at Layritz is only a 9 hole pilot project (although it is pretty great). Mary’s Farm and the Metchosin Golf Course are good, but they have limited hours and have a fee. This has left only the Millstream course and while it is a fantastic course, it is mostly on private property and may not always be an option.


2) Yes. We were very disappointed that the proposed 9 hole disc golf course for Topaz Park did not make it into the final improvement plan. There are obvious reasons why there are challenges for disc golf in public park space –  notably the amount of space needed and the flying objects. However if jurisdictions as large as Toronto (three 18 hole public courses) and as small as Pender Island (one beautiful 27 hole course) have been able to do it for decades then Victoria can and should be able to as well.


3) Thank you for your work,


The Together Victoria Campaign Team.



Together Victoria Candidates

Sarah Potts




Dear ladies and gentleman,

I would be very pleased to support Disc golf although I have only played regular golf, but willing to try this sport out.

I think this is a very good example of a low impact sport that is healthy and enjoyable and a good way of encouraging people of all ages in a healthy pursuit.

I think it would be cost effective and I would support it in one of 171 parks in Saanich.


Yours sincerely,

Art Pollard

Saanich Council Candidate and CRD




1) Yes, I will. The CRD has a range of parks the would be suitable for a disc golf course. Disc golf is an inclusive, low-impact sport that brings people together, builds community and enhances individual and collective well being.


2) I think this is worth exploring further. I believe this conversation has been an ongoing one between the disc golf society and city staff. In the City of Victoria, we have limited park space per resident with increasing demands on the limited space as the population of the city grows.


3) Thanks for asking these important questions and for everything you do in the spirit of recreation, health, wellness and community building.


Lisa Helps – Mayoral Candidate – Victoria





Hello folks at SIDGS,


Thanks for your persistent engagement in local elections in the region! There are promising signs of progress since I answered my first survey in 2014 😉


1) Yes, having personally experienced this accessible sport and acquired an understanding of its growth in popularity, I think we should have a public disc golf course in the region. I am running for both Saanich Council and the CRD, and instead of pursuing one in both places right away, I would prefer to establish one in the CRD or Saanich (the characteristics and location of the park are the most significant considerations in my opinion), and then considering a second park if warranted by demand at the first and growth in participation. I think it’s important to recognize that there is also demand for other recreational activities that do not appear well served by the complement of CRD & Saanich Parks that currently exist (e.g. cricket, mountain biking), so in fairness to residents with these particular interest, I think we’d need to do more due diligence to ensure we’re allocating space in our parks to uses that serve the needs of the greatest numbers & diversity of residents.


2) Please see above. P.S. I’m thrilled to see the Layritz pilot – it’s a great first step toward more awareness of this sport and accommodation of it within our existing (and extensive!) parks network. I look forward to seeing how it works out as a public course.


3) This issue reflects a concern I have about whether our parks in Saanich are serving the interests of enough residents, or a variety of recreational purposes and desires, which change over time and might not be reflected in the current Parks & Rec Master Plan. I anticipate that this document will be refreshed in the next couple of years (it is in effect until 2020), which will likely provide a valuable opportunity for SIDGS to speak up and influence the use of parks space in Saanich going forward.


Thanks for this opportunity!





Rebecca Mersereau, MSc, MPA Candidate

2018 Saanich Council & CRD Candidate